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Kuwait January 25 - January 28

The State of Kuwait and under the guidance of His Highness the Emir of the country enabled us to upgrade its services to provide it to the country and the citizen under the leadership The wise prince of humanity, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah, may God bless him and his patrons.

The use of technology in the education process has become imperative to keep pace with the scientific development and the speed of information access to students and it is important to gather information, tools and aids and develop special educational strategies in helping students in general and students with disabilities in particular and helping them to learn To take advantage of the extreme of them, modern technology has facilitated the entire education so that it has become entertaining using modern technology, which is specific to students and their families and teachers. 

so we find that the development of teachers, parents, learners themselves and community actors is very important in the field of local government To benefit from the experiences of developed countries in applying technology in education in our schools and classes and with our children in order to create future generations capable of promoting the development plans.  

The objectives of the conference:

  •  Highlighting the leading Arab experiences in providing the best services in education

  •  Highlighting the impact of modern scientific efforts in technology and education techniques and making use of them.

  • Study projects in education technology and techniques.

  • Providing the appropriate training for the teacher to the best degrees of mastery of the application of technology in education for the service of students.

  • To explore the challenges of education technology and teaching techniques.

  •  Exchange of research and practical experiences in the conference sessions and discussions.

  • Providing a map of the application of technology in education for students with disabilities

  • Using technology in the development of the curriculum of students with disabilities in special education schools.

Conference themes:

  • The main focus: education technology and its modern trends and the role of the local authority in this First: 


  • Local authority and its role in ensuring the quality of education

  • Education technology.

  • General and higher education techniques

  • E-learning

  • Distance education.

  • Educational media

  • Employing modern technology in education

  • Sources of education and information

  • Applications of modern technology

  • Education technology and people with disabilities

  • Education technology and the development of special education curricula

  • Two calendar patterns of web task strategy interaction

  • Teacher training in light of modern global and contemporary trends.

to attending the conference you can choose a one of two plan

Regular Attendee

  • Participation Certificate

  • 300$ Register Fee

Regular Participant

  • Participation Certificate

  • Opportunity to participate as speaker

  • Honorated during conference 

  • 500$ Register Fee

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