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About Membership

Membership term

  • Membership in International Organization of Local Government is a privilege, not a right. The Executive Board has established that membership shall be approuved by the Membership Committee.

  • Members are expected to adhere to high standards of individual personal conduct. Conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived, discourse that is disrespectful, and unprofessional conduct undermine trust in our work.

  • Members will not engage in clearly recognizable offensive behavior or other personal conduct that is contrary to the best interests and purposes of International organization of local Government.

  • Actions that violate such tenets will bar prospective applicants from membership and may result in revocation of membership for existing members.

Membership Categories and Types:

A member’s membership category must accurately reflect the member’s current academic level, roles and duties.

The IOLG has two membership categories: affiliate members and honorary members.

Honorary membership, is a status conferred on a small number of individuals on the basis of the moral support they have given or work they have undertaken towards  funding, developing and protecting the Local Government. 

The IOLG has seven types of member, listed below

  • International Consultant

  • National Consultant

  • Regional Consultant

  • Local Consultant

  • President of national branch

  • President of regional branch

  • Member

Membership apllication Requirements & Process:

If you are interested in joining our organization and would like to talk to us, please submit a membership enquiry and also you must email all documents listed below:


Copy of ID

Copy of Passeport

Copy of Scientifics Certificates / Competences

A photo

Birth Act

Bank Transfer of Membership Fee.

 Members of the International organization of local government Membership Committee will review your application. Please allow few days from the time of submitting your application until it has been approved. In the event that additional information is required to process your application, additional time may be required.

Once your membership application is approved and dues are paid, you will be notified via email and a official certificate will be issued..

The information you include will remain confidential. 

Alternatively, IOLG is very happy to answer any questions you may have by email or phone, you can contact us directly on: 

Members can also directly support IOLG's internal management structure through a flexible sponsorship arrangement. This allows any members who do not want to commit precisely to one of the special contribution categories of membership to make additional contributions according to their ability/willingness.


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